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James Bay Reflections

March 11, 2009

By: Petra Eperjesi, NWL Alumni & Staff In the summer of 2002, along with 13 other young men and women from all over North and Central America, I paddled 550 kilometers from Amos, Quebec, down the mighty Harricana River and across the James Bay. Together, we paddled through storms of bitter north winds howling in from the Arctic Ocean, and… read more »

The Langskib Impact

March 11, 2009

By: Justin Portugaise, Langskib Alumni The most important thing that you take home with you from Langskib, the most important learning, is a certain ideal. It is the ideal that you must live your life on your terms, and that you can control who you are through the strength within you. The habits formed there, those of being self-sufficient, not… read more »

My Fantastic Canoeing Adventure at Langskib

March 11, 2009

By: Michael Woo, Excalibur participant 2006 I was excited about going to summer camp for the first time. I felt a little bit nervous, too, because I’d be away from home for two weeks and I didn’t know what to expect. I had a long list of items to bring with me. Into my large duffel bag I put a… read more »