Confirmation Packet

Northwaters & Langskib Wilderness Programs Confirmation Packet

Travel Information

We meet participants in Toronto, Ottawa and Temagami on the first day of the session.

Toronto: Meet at Toronto Pearson International Airport before 12:00 noon on the first day of session.

We will rendezvous at the Toronto Pearson International Airport on the first day of the session. Please schedule a flight that allows your participant to make it through customs and baggage claim with ample time to ride on our 12:00 noon bus from Toronto to Temagami. It is imperative we depart Pearson at noon in order to have participants safely at our basecamps in Temagami by nightfall. If you cannot find a flight that arrives in time on the first day of the program, please plan to arrive the night before (see below for further details).

Upon arrival, participants flying from the US and abroad will collect their baggage, pass through customs and then exit into the terminal where a camp representative will be waiting with a Northwaters & Langskib (NWL) sign. Your duffle bag helps make it easy for us to identify you. Canadian participants flying domestically will do the same except they will not pass through customs. Our airport staff will keep apprised of flight changes, delays and arrival times and will call the number(s) provided on your travel form with any questions or concerns. We will board our charter bus for the five-hour trip north to Temagami promptly at noon. We will provide lunch along the way and will arrive at basecamp in time for dinner.

Many airlines require that if your child is under age 13 they be registered with the airline as an “Unaccompanied Minor”. For more information please contact the airline directly, as policies vary. Departure flights should be scheduled on the last day of the session for after 4:00 pm.

Note to participants flying into Toronto from foreign countries and distant states/provinces: If flights cannot be scheduled to arrive in Toronto to catch our noon bus, participants can arrive the evening before any time after 4:00 pm. Upon arrival, participants will collect their baggage, pass through customs and then exit into the terminal where a camp representative will be waiting with an NWL sign. Supervision, lodging and meals will be provided for an additional fee of $150 (charged when you indicate on your travel form if you will be arriving a day early). Alternatively, you can look for a direct flight on the first day of the program into North Bay, Ontario (YYB) between 3:00-7:00 pm.

For those traveling to Toronto by car: We will rendezvous INSIDE the Toronto Pearson International Airport on the first day of the session by 11:45am. A staff person with an NWL sign will be located inside the Arrivals Level of Terminal #3, International Area. Please plan to arrive between 11:00 and 11:45 am. After we have met participants arriving by both plane and car, we will board our charter bus promptly at noon for the five-hour trip north to Temagami. We will provide lunch along the way and will arrive at basecamp in time for dinner. On the last day of the session you may pick your child up at the same location inside Pearson between 2:30 and 3:00 pm.


Meet at Ikea parking lot “A” in Ottawa at 11:00 am on the first day of the session, exit 129 off the 417- Pinecrest/Greenbank Roads.

Participants will meet NWL staff members in the Ikea shopping centre parking lot “A”in Ottawa at 11:00 am on the first day of the session. The shopping centre is on Iris Street at exit 129 off Highway 417 (Pinecrest/Greenbank Roads). Look for our white van in the parking lot between the bank of multi-coloured IKEA flags and the highway near Chapters/Starbucks. Together we will travel by van the 5 hours north to Temagami. We will provide lunch along the way and will arrive at basecamp in time for dinner. On the last day of the session, participants and staff will return to the same location between 2:30 and3:00pm.

Temagami: Meet at Lakeland Airways in Temagami at 5:30 pm on the first day of the session.

If you are driving to Temagami to drop off your child, we will rendezvous on the first day of the session between 5:00 and 6:00 pm at Lakeland Airways, 25 Lake Shore Drive. You can see Lakeland from the road as you drive north into town. Temagami is a small town and the folks at Lakeland are very friendly. You can leave gear on the dock and walk around town if you get in early. Weather permitting; Langskib participants fly to Langskib island basecamp by floatplane once the rest of the participants arrive on the busses from Toronto and Ottawa. Northwaters participants drive to the boat launch and travel to Northwaters Island by motorboat. On the last day of the session, you may pick up your child at the end of the Temagami Access Road, Manitou Landing and/or join us out at basecamp for the end of session BBQ (further details below).


Unaccompanied Minor (UM) guidelines and fees are particular to each airline carrier. Typically, airlines need to know the name, address and phone number of the person who will be meeting your child as they exit through customs and into the terminal meeting area. You may use Jen’s contact information when you book. We cannot assign specific staff to airport pickups until a few days prior to arrivals and simply don’t know well in advance who exactly will be at the arrivals level to meet your child. Please let us know on your travel form if your son or daughter will be traveling as a UM and we will contact you with the information you need to give the airline as soon as it is confirmed on our end. If you are unable to pay for the UM return flight prior, please send your child with enough cash to cover the return UM fee.

End of Session BBQ

To celebrate the participants’ journey we hold an end of session barbecue at Northwaters basecamp, to which parents are invited (sorry, no pets). If you are unable to attend the BBQ and pick-up your child then, we transport participants back to the mainland, Toronto and Ottawa on the last day of the session. See above for return travel details.

The BBQ is held on the second to last day of the session (see top of document for BBQ dates). The BBQ is a great way to get a sense of your child’s experience, meet our staff, and tour our basecamp facility— the delicious food is an added bonus. Staff will meet parents at the end of the Temagami Access Road by the Manitou landing at 12:00 noon on the day of the BBQ and boat them to basecamp. You will be welcomed at Northwaters with a light snack and can tour the facility in time for the participants to paddle in at approximately 2:00 pm. Please indicate on your travel form if you plan to attend the BBQ, how many parents will be joining us, and if you plan to tent camp at Northwaters. Please RSVP by May 15th.

If you can’t make it to the Manitou Landing for our 12:00 noon shuttle but would still like to attend the BBQ, there are two means of charter transportation out to Northwaters: Lakeland Airways offers floatplane service from the town of Temagami (705.569.3455) and Loon Lodge offers water taxi services which depart from the end of the Temagami Access Road(705.237.8918).

At the end of the BBQ, we boat parents back to the Manitou landing after festivities between 8:00-9:00 pm, or you may arrange a water taxi at your convenience. You are welcome to spend the night at Northwaters and boat out the following morning with the participants, although accommodations are somewhat rustic. Parents spending the night should bring sleeping bags/pads, we will provide the tent. Alternatively, there are several places off-island to stay overnight nearby. We recommend the following local accommodations, but you can visit the Temagami Chamber of Commerce for more accommodation options or try North Bay, a large town an hour south. We recommend you book your stay EARLY!

Temagami Shores Inn & Resort (705.569.3200) Location: on the way into the town of   Temagami, off Highway 11

Ket-Chun-Eny Lodge (705.237.8952) Location: on Lake Temagami across from the Manitou Landing

Loon Lodge (705.237.8918)

Location: on Lake Temagami near the landings There is a foot trail to Loon Lodge

Finlayson Point Provincial Park (705.569.3205)

Location: just outside of town off Highway 11—public camp ground with facilities

All participants should travel with a passport, whether they are flying or driving. In addition to a passport, minors traveling without their parent/guardian will also need a signed letter from parents/guardians stating that they are traveling in Canada to attend a wilderness canoeing program in Temagami, Ontario (see sample below).   All airline tickets, passports, cash, electronics, medication, cell phones and other valuables will be collected for safekeeping uponarrivalatbasecamp.

Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco

The use of alcohol or drugs (including cigarettes, e-cigarettes and marijuana) is absolutely not permitted. Possession of illegal drugs in Canada is punishable by law and crossing the Canadian border with illegal drugs is a serious criminal offense. If participants are found in possession of illegal drugs, they will be removed from our program at the parents/guardians expense and tuition will not berefunded.


We know the journey to basecamp can be very long and devices can help make the time pass more enjoyably. Please be aware, however, that all electronics, including cell phones will be collected along with all other valuables for safekeeping upon arrival at basecamp. There is no cell service on the island or on trail.


Please note that NWL is a peanut and tree-nut free program. If you are sending or bringing supplemental food to basecamp, or on trail, please send certified nut-free items ONLY.


Tuition balances are due May 15th or as stated on your invoice. Tuition covers all activities from arrival at basecamp until departure on the last day of the session with the exception of optional pre and post camp bus fare and optional spending money (travel snacks and/or items from the camp store such as t-shirts, maps, water bottles & stickers).

Refund Policy

If for any reason an application is withdrawn 60 or more days prior to the session start date, deposit and tuition will be refunded minus a $50 processing fee. Participants who withdraw between 1 and 60 days prior to the session start date will be refunded all payments except the deposit and processing fee. NWL is not obligated to refund the tuition of any participants who withdraw or are dismissed the day before, the day of, or any time after the first day session begins (as per the Code of Conduct Agreement).

Trip Insurance

Parents are financially responsible for expenses not covered by either NWL’s or your personal insurance. Check with your insurance provider about the extent to which your child is covered during their time with NWL. Purchasing appropriate trip/travel insurance can provide coverage for costs incurred in the unlikely event of illness or injury including evacuation and associated travel expenses. We highly recommend that you purchase travel insurance that specifically covers summer camp/wilderness adventures. Allianz, Trav Mark, Travel Guard International, and are a few reputable providers.

Contacting Us

September 1st through June 15th:

Northwaters / Langskib

P.O. Box 205

Westport, NY 12993 USA

Phone:518-962-4869 Fax:518-9628768



June 15th through September 1st:

Northwaters / Langskib

P.O. Box 358

Temagami, ON POH 2HO Canada


Phone: 705-237-8227 Fax: 705-237-8663

After June 15th, our off-season phone and fax line forward to our Northwaters basecamp. While we usually have someone available to answer calls during the day, we try very hard to limit phone time to urgent communications only. Our basecamps are located on islands in remote country—our phone line is our primary link with staff in the field and emergency services. The best way to contact us with general questions, travel information/updates, participant information   etc. is by email. We will happily respond with thoughtful and thorough responses in a timely manner.

Email Updates

About half-way through your child’s experience we will send one thoughtful and “official” email update to parents. We will include news about participants’ basecamp stay, a description about their route, which trip leaders they are traveling with and a link to any photos we captured at basecamp. Beyond this update, and the occasional basecamp news on our Facebook page, we operate on the adage, “no news is good news”.


Contacting Participants

We suggest mailing letters early so they arrive in time for participants to receive when they return to basecamp at the end of session (no letters are delivered while participants are on trail). Letters from outside of Canada typically take at least 14 days to arrive. Participants are encouraged to write letters home. Stamps can be purchased at basecamp. Our basecamps are located on islands not serviced by Canada Post or any courier/shipping company. It is often expensive, difficult and time consuming to get a package to or from either island. Packages are delayed at customs or delivered to random locations on the mainland for us to retrieve. Often times, participants don’t receive packages at all, or they arrive after the participants have gone home. We recommend you send letters in lieu of packages and save special treats for a welcome home celebration. We strongly advise against sending anything perishable or of value. Please Note: If a participant arrives without an important piece of personal gear, we will provide a loaner.

Fishing (optional and self-directed)

The fishing in the Temagami area is very good. If your child enjoys fishing there will be ample opportunity to fish at  basecamp and on trail. Common fish species include Pike, Walleye, Bass and Lake Trout. Minors may fish under our licensure. Suggested tackle (traveling light is important on a canoe trip, and gear will see hard wear):

Rod and reel: Any spin cast type is adequate (please transport in a PVC tube or hard case, gear will see hard use)

Lines: Stren-­‐Trilene (about 8 lb. test monofilament)

Lures: Mepps (#0, #1, #4, #5), Johnson Silver Minnow, Daredevil 4” size

Check‐off List for you To Do

-Sign and return your Code of Conduct Agreement (parent and participant)

-Make certain you have personal identification and passport with travel letter if non‐Canadian resident

-Make travel reservations/arrangements and submit Travel Form (between January 15th & May 15th)

-Submit Medical Form (between January 15th May 15th)

-Pay tuition, tax and travel balance by May 15th or as stated on invoice

-Pack gear (refer to our How to Pack for a Canoe Trip video)

The Giveaway

(Northern Lights and Northwaters)

We ask that participants bring something that has been important or meaningful in their life that they are ready to pass on—it need not have any monetary value. It might be a poem or song that holds special meaning, a book that had impact, a drawing or poster, something they have created, or an object that holds a special memory. These are just suggestions—we have found young people to be very creative in this ceremony. We encourage each participant to take some time to think about the possibilities and any support of this would be most appreciated. We have borrowed this custom from the Native peoples. Many past participants have said that the Giveaway was a highlight for them. Two things that we have come to learn: the more difficult it is to give up, the more it is an actual Giveaway, and giving away makes room for new growth. This last learning seems particularly appropriate for young people entering adolescence.

The Trade

(Excalibur and Langskib, optional at Northwaters and Northern Lights)

A longstanding tradition at Langskib, near the close of each program we conduct a trading experience reflective of the early aboriginal and Trapper rendezvous. Even though they did not share a common language, they were able to communicate with each other and make trades that were of benefit for both parties. There is no money exchanged during the trading session and only sign language is used. In the past we have found many of our participants to be most creative in this activity. If your child would like to bring an item or items to trade we suggest things with limited monetary value; for example, old pocket knives, funky hats, fishing lures, hand crafted items, comics, books or trinkets. We have a staff member act as a trade arbiter who makes sure that trades are fair and fun.