Reviews & Parent Feedback

“It has been such an amazing time of rest and reflection and I am so grateful for that. Thank you for all that you are and for providing the space to learn and grow.”

— Aidan C, Coulonge River Participant

“I just want to thank you for the great experience my boys had with you at Northwaters this summer. They came back with a BIG smile; talking about everything they experienced, telling great stories and the best of all, to see how they mature, the self confidence in each one of them, more conscious about their environment  and excited to come back next year.”

— Anne S, NWL Parent

“Thank you so much for this incredible opportunity to better myself as a person and a leader. I’ll gladly come back next year to go on another adventure. Thank you again, so much, this was a life changer.”

— Carter S, Coulonge River Participant

“I had so much fun at Excalibur! I learned so much about camping and I am so glad that I got to go on this trip. I’m very excited to come back net year!”

— Daven L, Excalibur Participant

“The experiences that I got on the trip I will never forget. I had the time of my life canoeing and portaging and just the general lifestyle. Even when it rained (and it rained a lot) we found something to laugh about. It was such a unique experience, and I would be honored to do it again. The friendships that I have at home don’t compare to the ones that I have made here.”

— Emlyn F, Northern Lights Participant

“I love this camp so much and I love the people here too. I love the nature and the canoes and the wannigans and paddling my gear to the edge of the world and getting out and portaging. I don’t know where I would be without this camp. This whole trip was about gratitude, appreciation and living in the moment.”

— Esther C, All Woman's Coulonge River Participant

“It was amazing and I was truly happy during it. I’ve never felt this close to people or this accomplished in such a short time. I loved every moment, even when I said I didn’t.”

— Garrett M, Coulonge River Participant

“This camp is truly my happy place and it means an incredible amount to me to be able to return here each year. Teeth To The Wind!”

— Hailey R, All Woman's Participant

“Coming to Northwaters these past years gave me the chance to realize there is beauty in everything in his world and that it is all about the way you choose to see things. You have given me the chance to experience this beauty in so many indescribable ways.”

— Isabela M, Northwaters Participant

“I’ve learned so much about myself this trip, physically and mentally. I hope one day I can provide as much happiness to someone else that you have given me.”

— Jack T, Bay Trip Participant

“Thank you for your endlessly helpful spirit! You guys are the best!”

— Jane E, Northwaters Parent

“This place has given me massive insight into my surroundings and myself. Its taught me what is really important in life, and has revealed to me what pure, unadulterated happiness really is, and for that I will be forever thankful.”

— Jarrah C, Dumoine River Participant

“I told my wife how impressive the closing ceremonies were and what a deep appreciation I had for what the program is all about.   Thanks for all you did, especially the extra effort required due to his injury.  I think he was surprised to see what people are really capable of.”

— Jeff C, Northern Light parent

“I learned about courage, respect, brotherhood, integrity and excellence. These are all things that I am going to bring back to my community.”

— Julian F, Langskib Bay Trip Participant

“Thank you again for all your help, first with the scholarship process, and then for reaching out to E after she arrived at base camp.  She ended up having a great experience, after those first pre-trip tears and sleepless nights.  She often brings up parts of the trip during our day-to-day conversations, and I can tell it means a lot to her.”

— Kellie F, Northern Lights Parent

“We are all still beaming about the NWL camp experience!! Our kids LOVED camp and can’t wait to return next year. THANK YOU THANK YOU for creating such an incredible experience for our children.”

— Lisa G, Langskib Parent

“I have learned so much about myself and about the world we live in. I have grown stronger and made the best friends in the world.”

— Liza D, Nothwaters Participant

“Northwaters has been one of the best experiences that I have gone through. I did not only enjoy the amazing scenery and all the work we did every day, but it was also a place where I connected with so many amazing girls. I also learned how to open up and trust a small group of people that I didn’t know at all at the beginning.”

— Lola A, Northern Lights Participant

“It was an experience that I could never get anywhere else- thank you so much.”

— Lucy A, Northern Lights Participant

“When K came back, he returned to a lot of change.  The impact of NWL and what you have made possible is indelible and as a father who’s found a young partner in his son… I’m filled with gratitude. Thank you!-”

— Manu K, Langskib Parent

“Thank you so much for all your care for us and great work generally.  Your enthusiasm and reassurance got us there. I received the email update from your director and was incredibly moved by what he was saying. I read it 5 times and forwarded it to J's grandfather. Everything you are doing is deeply appreciated.”

— Nicole M, Excalibur Parent

“It was an amazing and eye opening experience. I have new friends and stories to tell to all the people at home.”

— Parker N, Makobe River Participant

“The adventure part is great but I adore the character layer- the examination and reflection on morals, challenges, inner-strength, and character.”

— Penny A, Langskib Parent

“I wanted to take a quick minute to tell you guys how blessed we feel to have found your wonderful organization!  Tales from trail come up almost nightly around here these days.  We all enjoy them! It's clear T made great friends AND honed her persistence!  She taps into her Northwaters' experiences when frustrated with the inevitable challenges of middle school ("ugh! middle school!") and her experiences/memories/stories from trail area comfy "place" for her to rest in and reconnect to her "authentic self". N was transformed by his trip!  He talks constantly of the physical accomplishments, the relationships, the self discovery and the clarity he found on trail.  The experience is definitely helping to guide him as he thoughtfully considers choices for his future in a pivotal senior year.  I could go on and on ...but just wanted to drop a quick line to let you guys know how much we appreciate all you give and hope you know that it makes such a difference! Thank you!!!”

— Pete & Alexa G, NWL Parents

“At this point in my son’s life, it was exactly what he needed- to unplug, get in touch with nature, and focus on him.”

— Samantha N, Northwaters Parent

“Doing Northwaters makes me feel strong, powerful and beautiful. It makes me inspired to be a better person, and make the world a better place. I wish everyone in the whole world could have the opportunity to come up here and feel the way I do.”

— Sylvie L, Northwaters Participant

The trip has helped K mature into the kind of man that I admire: considerate of others, disciplined, adventurous and having true strength of character. The physical/mental challenged he faced tested him and he now feels he can accomplish ANYTHING!

— Leanne J, Northwaters Parent

“The boys are back - they were looking great and their stories were full off amazing adventures. They have again made memories that will keep them going for a long time. I believe strongly that these trips make them stronger and develop them in a different way - more open, strong, with patience and love. Thank you for everything that you and the team have done for our boys. :)”

— Ilse V & Laurent D, Langskib parents

“NWL is such an amazing place. It’s a safe environment where you can be 100% you and not feel ashamed. You grow so much by taking personal journeys and also meeting all these other people (girls/woman) who are in the same place. Thanks for creating this unique place.”

— Annika CB, Makobe River participant

“I would like to thank you. Northwaters & Langskib truly lives up to its mission of ‘Teaching young people how to be with one another, and ultimately, how to be with themselves”. I love listening to L talk about his experiences. My son has grown & matured, having found new inner strength and confidence. Can’t wait until next summer.”

— Kathy T, Langskib parent

“The kids returned home with nothing but superlative descriptions of their trips with Northwaters, in particular of the staff and the 'ethos' of your camp.  The entire three and a half weeks appear to have been exceptional in every way.  They are sharing with us on a daily basis not only stories, but some of the practices and traditions they learned.  Chris and I are deeply impressed with what we are hearing and seeing, and thrilled that D and L had this opportunity. Thank you for providing such a wonderful experience.”

— Cathy J, Northwaters parent

“THANK YOU! Our son is walking tall! He has explained that he was honoured for “Enthusiasm” and how fitting! He is now part of a 'brotherhood'. I am honored that you have blessed my son with a larger work view. His leadership skills are honed and he is charged with MORE verve....thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!”

— The Hines Family, Excalibur parent

“I really found my true self on this trip and learned many different things that will help to bring out the light in me.”

— Wren V, Northern Lights participant

“We are so happy and grateful to have our girl back home, especially because of the great experiences she has been sharing every day. Please thank her guides for their leadership and example.  Also, thanks to you and everyone involved in any, any aspect of this beautiful camp.  It is opportunities like this that change people and we can see that our daughter obtained so many benefits.  We see a young woman that has reconnected with her soul and is aware of her place, time and power to share her inner beauty with everyone.  This is priceless and a gift to the whole family as she is now passing on to her sisters and us many things she has learned and valued.”

— Georgina M, Northwaters parent

“Year after year it exceeds both ours and our son’s expectations. We love to see him come home relaxed, confident, self-reliant and significantly more aware of his environment and in tune with other people’s needs. There is clearly a lot of maturing that goes on at Langskib!”

— Korina D, Langskib parent

“Your program is terrific because it appeals equally to kids and parents. My kids love the atmosphere, the camaraderie, the challenge, the beautiful nature, and the ability to do things they normally wouldn’t. We love that they learn to work with a group, realize their limits are beyond where they think they are, and are spending time away from electronics and the hustle of bustle of city life!”

— Tom P, Excalibur parent

I loved my experience at Langskib, it was super fun and taught me a lot about myself and what I could accomplish.

— Simon L, Viking Trip

“So happy to have my boy back.... I just wanted to let you know that he was in tears after being picked up from the airport (OK, outside the house, before seeing his siblings) about "coming back home so soon"! He really loved his camp this year, told me all about his wonderful experiences, how he had plans going back, how it is "his kind of community", how he enjoyed all the difficulties of the canoe trip too and just wants to study towards a job that will allow him to be outdoors like that. I wanted to thank you personally as I know P is a complicated and different teen. I think that you guys became his second home.”

— Michéle, Northwaters & Langskib parent

“Both my boys came back home as more mature and caring persons with good spirits. I am so grateful they spent such precious time with your people in the depth of nature. Thank you all for everything they experienced this summer at Langskib.”

— Sunao T, Langskib parent

“Most important is that this is not a “keep my kid busy” program, but a profound “coming of age” life experience that helps her be her best self. Thank you! I am more than grateful for this program and her guides, that led her to understand teamwork and pulling her weight, to complete tasks, while steadily guiding her confidence and consciousness.”

— Michelle W, Northern Lights parent

“Having a chance for J to integrate learning resilience, communication skills, appreciation of nature and survival skills while working in a team was so valuable. At first he didn’t think he would enjoy it but he totally did.”

— Rose T, Northwaters parent

“After doing Northern Lights I feel so much more confident and better about myself.”

— Grace H, Northern Lights participant

“He is back home! As last year, he is so happy to share with us his best memories of the trip! He is especially happy of the two journeys he did: the one outside paddling with the group, and the one "inside". Thank you from the bottom of our heart for the wonderful experience kids can live because of the great and fantastic job you do with NWL.”

— Christine H, Northwaters parent

“I could cry (from joy) when I look at this picture. Saw it on the slide show and couldn't wait until you posted it. It's really hard to describe, but all I can say is that H looks like himself. The himself he wants to be. The himself that is within him. Strong, confident, and at peace. I get to truly see and feel him in this photo and there is an instant soul-to-soul connection. Thank you.”

— Christine W, Langskib parent

“Collectively, the finest, most dedicated and caring staff I have ever worked with or seen. They represent the gold standard in service, commitment and quality in their field.”

— David Baum, parent, psychologist, consultant, author

“E’s experiences these past two summers gave her a very powerful sense of her own strengths. She tends to be quiet and shy so we’re delighted to see how strong and proud she is.”

— Amy S, Northern Lights parent

“Since I returned home, things are different- clearer. I realize it’s not the things I have that are important, it’s what’s in my heart. For the first time i had a glimpse of who I really am”

— Alex, Maple Mountain trip

“I am sorry that we were unable to pick C up from Northwaters this year and see all of the staff and personally thank them for once again giving her an experience of a lifetime. After three weeks on the Dumoine trip, she has returned to us happier, more confident and more enthusiastic than she is normally. Your staff does an exceptional job organizing and running your programs. She’s already looking forward to next year! Thank you for everything you do for the participants and best wishes for the rest of the season.”

— Angela S & Paul P, Northwaters parents

“I really like the balance between living in the moment and knowing what’s next. Also enjoyed the balance between the inner and outer journey and between getting to the destination, but knowing that it’s the journey that matters in the end. Great way of teaching that to us and keeping us together in that way.”

— Zoë S, Northern Lights participant

“We couldn't be more proud of N!!!  Not just for the physical capabilities that he went through, but for the mental and emotional ones as well.  We have had a couple of heart-to-heart conversations already; all initiated by him...which left us both crying.   The leaders really tapped in to his mind and his heart.  You have an incredible staff!!”

— Tricia H, The Burke Trip parent

“This was a physical and mental roller coaster and I’ve never felt stronger. I have confidence in my body’s physical abilities and I really believe in myself.”

— Tessie O, The Burke Trip

“The friendship that the leaders share with their participants and each other really says a lot about this program.”

— Brynkly M, Woman's Bay Trip participant

“So nice to have B home! He has been nonstop talking about his trip!! Even mentioned that he volunteered to talk to participants who aren't sure about going to the camp or would like to know what it's like from someone who's been there. He's your next poster child!! On the way home from the airport he says "Mom I know I'm not supposed to lie...but can I tell my brothers the camp was awful so they don't want to go next year?? I really want to go back! I miss my friends already!"”

— Christin L, Northwaters parent

“An amazing and well put together program. I really enjoy how they gave us the tools/info we needed but let us decide how and when to use them. This was a very helpful way to learn how to lead.”

— Lauren T, Leadership Program participant

“The only boundaries I know are the ones I’ve pushed, the limits I’ve reached and the goals I’ve attained.”

— Jacob E, Dumoine River participant

“C had "the best time of her life", and I was not surprised to hear those words, based on the last two years' experience.  I know it will give her the strength and fortitude to face high school for the first time!”

— Marion B, Northwaters parent

“When people ask what the best experience in my life was, I’ll tell them about this trip.”

— Noah H, The Burke Trip participant

“T shared many pictures, videos and stories. I am very grateful for what he experienced and I see him again growing into a strong young man. Please continue the great work you do for children and I thank you all again.”

— Yumiko Y, NWL parent

“Northwaters was a really great experience that I recommend for anyone who wants the challenge or for anyone who loves nature and likes to have lots of fun!”

— Sydney D, Northern Lights

“Our boy came back home very happy from the camp. I want to congratulate you for your great organization and the involvement of all your team. There is not a day that A does not tell us a new story! Apart from improving his English level and making good friends, he has also learned something that is very important for us; to know himself a little better, to trust others and see that he is able to meet new challenges successfully. Thank you very much for making this possible. We hope to meet you again next summer!”

— Sebastian C and Anna P, Langskib parents

“Every year I have come up here it has been an eye-opening and positive refresher to keep my mind focused on what is important and carry the skills I have acquired with me into my life.”

— Robert M, Leadership Program participant

“This is the first year in seven we haven't made the trip to Temagami to witness and be part of the tremendous experience of welcoming trippers and leaders into camp and sharing in the celebration of their reunions with one another and families, their stories, and personal transformations. It has been one of our favorite days of the year! We have had the privilege of witnessing the rare and wonderful combination of courage, humility, tenderness, confidence, and community as expressed so unabashedly and uniquely by dozens and dozens of young people at the end of their journeys. We are acutely aware of what is happening through these few days on the shores of both Langskib and Northwaters camps. May it be great and grand, may you all be deeply fed by the entire display, may it fuel your commitment to this good work, may it inspire many, many others to come! With great love and gratitude for you and all that you do!”

— Megan G & Mark B, Langskib parents

“Nate is so proud of himself for overcoming his fears and just letting Mother Nature take care of him, although I have to give you credit for doing such a great job as well.”

— Bree Ann, L parent

“Henry came back confident, realizing the difference between spending one’s day doing things “other people” think are important (i.e. school), and spending a meaningful day engaged in work that has a direct bearing on your survival in the short and long term. He found a zen kind of focus there that he has a hard time finding in his city life”

— Ellie C, NW coed parent

“Being put in such a trusting and beautiful environment and only having to focus on the simplicity of life really helped me to work on me.”

— Emily, Coulonge River

“It’s incredible to see what my boys have learned in the summers- I would say it is more a thing that permeates their very being. I can see the strong and upright men that they are becoming- I can see them tap into this thing that soaked into their skin at camp. This is what our children, and the children of the future need”

— Judith, L parent

“I know we have only heard the tip of the iceberg about where her thoughts led her, but what is showing up so far is that she knows she can do more than she thought she could, she can face difficult situations and find the lessons and she can fun- even when the going gets tough”

— Katy K, NW coed parent

“I have such deep gratitude and respect for what this program nurtures and unfolds for these young people! Arik’s experiences with Langskib and Temagami have anchored his sense of self and given wings to his dreams and aspirations!”

— Lezlie D, leadership parent

“Thank you for giving Mike the most memorable, positive, wonderful adventure of his life. He came home so happy, with fabulous stories and many new friendships.”

— Lillian & John, EX parents

“Thank you for offering this demanding and unique experience that makes each girl dig deep within themselves and begin to appreciate the depth of spirit and strength that they possess. We feel honored and blessed that Kat has the people, the trip and the Northwaters experience in her life- it makes her a better person.”

— Marti & Barry, NW parents

“There’s a saying that goes: ‘The best way to find yourself is to go where you don’t have to be anything else than yourself’. Thank you for introducing me to this place, where the trees are one’s soul mates, and the water surrounding you is the biggest source of energy. Thank you for introducing me to this place, and helping me find myself.”

— Morgan, Lady Evelyn Lake

“He talked nonstop from the time I met him at the Airport till we pulled in the driveway at home 7 hours later (and then he started all over for his dad and brother)! Brendan is a pretty terrific kid but he came home from Langskib even better!”

— PJ Conway, NWL parent

“It never ceases to amaze me how many people from different walks of life can form the most solid community. Each of these individuals brings strength within to share, to benefit the community as a whole.”

— R.J., Center Falls trip

“The River made me realize how much potential I have in working hard and getting through the toughest of problems.”

— Sergey, The Bay Trip

“Aurilia’s experience at Northwaters changed her life for the better :) I am amazed at the changes in her stress levels. Camp put all her relationships into perspective for her and she is a much calmer and happier young woman!”

— TJ, Northern Lights parent

“Ava found the experience challenging, fun, exciting, and most of all, a confirmation of all she is and hopes to be. We couldn’t have asked for more.”

— Carol & Jack, NW parents