Alberta Born-Weiss Support Staff

Northwaters found me the summer after my junior year of high school when I placed an ad online in search of a nannying position far from my Bay Area home. After speaking to Jen on the phone about caring for the administrators’ children, I arrived on the island with little knowledge of the community I have now grown to love, thinking that my one bag was too frivolous and would reveal a relative lack of “outdoorsiness.” But my worries soon melted away as I integrated into the community relatively seamlessly, probably due to my k-8 Waldorf upbringing and childhood summers spent on my aunt’s biodynamic farm in British Columbia. Although I never experienced the bonds, trials, and growth of a Northwaters trip from the perspective of a participant, the empowering nature of the canoe trips has been apparent to me since the first paddle-in I witnessed. After two summers of nannying, I am excited to participate more intimately in the broader workings of the camp. The community-building and administrative work that my Northwaters job requires of me are the perfect complement to my school-year studies at Wellesley College where I am pursuing a double major in Economics and Peace & Justice studies.