Chance Boyer Trip Leader

Northwaters and Langskib taught me the value of exercising honesty, rigor, and patience in every facet of my life. During my time as a participant, I learned more about who I am and how to stay true to my inner qualities than I have through any other organization I’ve been involved in. Each canoe trip I’ve done has increased my work ethic as well as the degree of excellence I strive for in everything I do. Most importantly, however, are the lessons I’ve learned regarding patience and developing healthy, strong relationships with the people around me. The trips we run are genuinely empowering and can be a crucial turning point in any young person’s life. I went from being forced to go on my first trip, to begging to go on another one in the span of only two weeks. Not long after that I was dreaming of the day I would be able to have the same impact on future participants that my leaders had on me. To be a member of this community has been my most treasured honor, and I can’t reiterate enough how important NWL has been in my development as a human being. When I’m not paddling the pristine waters of Temagami, I’m either studying sociology at Kalamazoo College or at home in metro Detroit.