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Most of my summers have been spent in whole, or in part, at Northwaters Langskib – for good reason. As a participant, the trips I went on with the organization, played a big role in the positive development of my teenage self. I learned to understand not only others around me, but myself. I learned to be more patient and vulnerable, confident and adaptable. I learned to accept others for their whole selves and subsequently fostered great friendships. And the adventure! – I was exposed to beautiful, remote vistas day in and day out. From towering red pines to the most delicate moss covered rocks, it was all a playground for curiosity and appreciation to grow.
As a trip leader, I have been able to work with youth of different ages and backgrounds in life and have witnessed first hand the benefits Northwaters Langskib programs have for participants. I have seen kids and teenagers overcome fear, talk about hardships in their lives and create meaningful and lasting friendships. To be a part of the positive internal growth that my participants clearly acquire, in such a short time as twenty days, is gratifying and important work, which I feel lucky to be a part of.
In the months between September and May, I am pursuing a career in the outdoor educational field. Beginning with a Diploma in Outdoor Adventure and Business Studies at Algonquin college in the Ottawa Valley, I hope to keep learning and expanding my repertoire of experiences, so that I may spend my life doing what I love – learning, sharing, teaching and exploring the great outdoors.