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Born and raised in Germany, I first came to NWL as a participant at a relatively old age, just before my 18th birthday. Nonetheless it turned out to be the most profound experience of my life up to that point. An almost magical journey of self discovery in an environment that seemed like heaven on earth to me. Granted, it was tough at times, but always real and rewarding.
Throughout my upbringing I have always gone to the family cottage and the woods, made pointy sticks and bows and arrows. However, the physical limitations of the German “wilderness” are quite evident when one compares them to the vast, seemingly untouched, Canadian North. Being able to travel with a group of people, away from civilization for weeks at end, is an incredible gift and the framework which facilitates the great learnings about oneself that occur on trail, the inner journey.
Being considered worthy of guiding trips and helping youth make these valuable experiences is the greatest honour ever bestowed upon me. In turn I challenge myself to go beyond what I know myself to be capable of and always be at my best. I usually learn at least as many new things about myself as the participants. In that sense I always look forward to the next journey with a new group of individuals to share this growth with.

Besides canoe tripping – filmmaking and visual storytelling are great passions of mine. Camera equipment and using it on exciting adventures and trips around the world is a big part of what I do these days. I am studying Film in Toronto, Canada beginning in the fall of 2013.