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When I was 11, my mom found an ad for a canoe camp in the newspaper, and decided to send me there for two weeks, thinking it would be a good way for me to see northern Ontario and tire me out for a while (I was a very energetic child). For the last eight years, Langskib has been something truly special for me, helping me grow physically and emotionally into the person I am today; through both the tough times I’ve struggled through and the wonderful fun I’ve had on trail.  I truly cherish the summers that I spend in Temagami, and the lessons I continue to bring home give a fresh perspective and improve other aspects of my life I would never have expected to change.

In the off-season, I study classical saxophone at McGill University. Playing squash (the sport, not the root vegetable) also takes up a lot of my time, but I also enjoy ping pong and spending time with my friends.