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I began tripping with Northwaters-Langskib when I was sixteen years old, having never stepped foot in a canoe or done any wilderness trips of such length or difficulty before. Although I was nervous about my first trip, I remember being boated across the lake and taking in my surroundings thinking, “If I could be anywhere forever, it would be here”. From the moment I first stepped on the dock at Northwaters to today, the community that I was welcomed into has made Temagami and every campsite or river I’ve travelled to from there feel like home. Growing up through Northwaters has been one of the biggest and most beautiful learning experiences of my life thus far; not a day goes by that I do not use the lessons I have learned from building community, trust, and strength with others in some of the most wild and breathtaking places. I am grateful not only for the friendships and mentorship I have received from the Northwaters community, but also for the sense of worth, belief in myself, and unbridled joy it has empowered me with. I strive to be able to share this with others, and continue to build the community that has been such an important part of my life.

In the off-season, I share time between Ottawa, where I am a student of English Literature and Religious Studies, and Calgary, where I grew up and love to return to in order to hike in the mountains.