Jordan Kasarjian Assistant Trip Leader

I remember sitting at my dining room table for hours, pouring over brochures and websites of summer camps. It was just before my tenth birthday, and my family and I had decided that Central Park wasn’t quite cutting it for outdoor time. I had been out on canoe trips with my family in the Canadian wilderness before, so Northwaters seemed like a good fit. As I stood in front of the floatplane for the first time, a slew of anxious questions entered my mind.
It’s that journey into the unknown that keeps bringing me back; journeys into beautiful yet unforgiving terrain with a handful of friends, new or old, that provide the framework for a genuinely life changing experience. When my meal for the night, my canoe partner’s ability to finish a portage, or the general well-being of those around me depend on each firewood pile collected, encouraging words, or my attitude, it is clear that my role within the group is important. This heightened level responsibility for my actions on trip have taught me the importance of rigor, respect, and fun! It has deepened my connection with the land, friends, and family. These indispensable lessons have helped guide me through my life back at home.
Creating an empowering experience for young people has been the most rewarding aspect of my life. It’s an honor to work within such a loving, committed community, and I am absolutely stoked to get back out on the water this summer! I spend my off seasons in Montreal, studying Earth Science and Economics at McGill University. I lead a very active lifestyle that includes rock climbing, skiing, and weightlifting. I have also recently fallen in love with photography. My favorite place to travel is California to visit my twin brother!