Liz Levy Trip Leader

Elizabeth (Liz) hails from the beautiful city of Portland, Oregon, USA. She has worked for NWL since 2008, and started as a Northern Lights participant in 2003.  Liz holds a Bachelor’s degree in Women, Gender and Sexualities Studies from Portland State University and will be returning this fall to start graduate work in Conflict Resolution. She plans to teach peer mediation and conflict resolution in middle and high schools in the interest of creating stronger schools and communities.

When Liz is not leading canoe trips with NWL, she can be found hiking in the Columbia river gorge, planting street trees as a volunteer with a local nonprofit, or mastering her deadlift at the gym. For income, Liz is a nanny and occasional outdoor school instructor. She has a passion for education-related work, and for empowering children and teens to learn real lessons through natural consequences.