Margaret Bonnell Trip Leader

When I was fourteen, my mom signed me up for summer camp.  All she told me about Northwaters was that it was in Canada and that there would be canoeing. Upon my arrival, it quickly became apparent that this was much more than a canoe camp.  Not only is canoeing a bit of an understatement for the type of epic canoe tripping adventures that NWL runs, the capacity for emotional growth during these canoe trips is unlike anything I have ever experienced.  Being a shy teenager, I was pretty nervous about going on an adventure through the Canadian wilderness with people I didn’t know.  I learned, however, that the environment of a canoe trip is perfect for forming a tight-knit, supportive community.  The young people going on canoe trips today are experiencing the same gifts Northwaters has given me, and contributing to that experience is something I find extremely rewarding.  During the rest of the year I study mathematics at Carleton College in Northfield, Minnesota.  I’m also a massive fan of the United States Women’s National Soccer Team.