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Michael Jarvis lives with his wife Lynne and their two children in northern Michigan.  He is trained as a therapist and works as a counselor, teacher and administrator at The Leelanau School a small boarding high school during the school year.  He also teaches psychology, world religions, and a rite of passage course for the senior class. At the age of 17, Michael left the small town in northern Idaho, where he grew up, to attend the United States Air Force Academy.  During the 11 years he was in the Air Force he graduated from the Academy with a bachelor of Science degree, flew helicopters with the Air Force, The Army, and the Coast Guard, taught aircrew survival, earned parachute jump wings, and worked with the Coast Guard on a night vision goggle research project. Michael left the Air Force in 1991 to work in Outdoor Education.  He has been a certified high ropes and initiatives instructor and has worked with groups ranging from elementary schools, and church youth groups to corporate teams and adult retreats.  He also worked with probate courts in several counties designing and leading wilderness experiences with adjudicated and other youth at risk.