Nina Lochoff Trip Leader

When I was eleven, I embarked on my first journey with Northwaters, and although I was incredibly nervous, I was also excited for what was to come. Little did I know that what was to come would be so impactful on my life. Now, nine years later, I still count down the days until I will get off the boat and step onto the dock to start what will undeniably be a summer filled with adventure, and an incredible journey. The only difference now is that the nerves are gone because I know I will be stepping off the boat into one of the most loving communities I have ever been a part of. This community has allowed me to push myself physically and emotionally in ways that are only possible in such a trust-filled environment. These challenges have taught me just how strong everyone and anyone can be, which has been incredible to experience. Accompanying these challenges is a level of silliness, laughter and utter fun that is hard to match elsewhere. Going on NWL canoe trips is so much more than traveling through the beautiful Canadian wilderness; the fun I have had, the lessons that I have learned, and the friendships I have made since I was that scared eleven year old have had a profound impact on the person I am today. Now, as a staff member I am honored to have the opportunity to show others the magic that makes up a canoe trip at Northwaters Langskib. IMG_0747While not guiding trips, I study Economics, Political Science and Environmental Science at McGill University.