Rashad Brugmann Trip Leader

I first set out on a Langskib canoe trip when I was 10 years old. I was timid, but slowly became captivated by the unbounded wilderness and the excitement of my trip leaders. I have since grown from a city boy to a lover of the outdoors, and ten summers later there remains nowhere else in my life where I find the same beauty and adventure as I do at NWL.

I am incredibly grateful for everything I have learned from this organization. The importance of introspection and a way of living harmoniously with, and as a student of, the natural world has had a profound impact on my development as a young adult. The recognition and sharing of these experiences within and beyond the NWL community is very important to me. As a Trip Leader I feel I have finished a stage of personal development, and am honoured to guide these impactful journeys for others in turn.

Outside of NWL, I am always looking to expand my horizons. I’m currently studying civil engineering at the University of Toronto, where I’m interested the intersections of engineered systems and society, and from which I hope to launch into the field of sustainable development. In my spare time you might find me picking the blues on my guitar, discovering new means of adventure, or keeping up with old friends.