Sarah Turner-Hawtin

In 2007 I arrived at Northwaters for the first time for the Northern Lights program. On the boat ride from the landing to the Northwaters island I was overcome with the sense that I was coming home. Since that first Northern Lights expedition I have returned for many adventures on the lakes and rivers of Northern Ontario and Quebec. Each adventure with NWL has deepened my understanding of myself, of the people and communities around me, and of the powerful land I walk on. Northwaters has provided me with tools such as the medicine wheel and mentors that have helped me to develop my identity and discover my inner strength. Northwaters has also instilled in me a burning desire for adventure. I have spent this past year backpacking through South and Central America, living in my tent, doing yoga, spinning poi, and making music. In addition to my regular yoga practice, I became a 200 hour certified Hatha yoga teacher with the Nosara Yoga Institute in Costa Rica. In the years to come I plan to attend university at King’s College in Halifax, Nova Scotia, to work as a yoga instructor, and to continue following my heart’s desire to explore the world.