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Born in Edmonton, I spent my childhood paddling the rivers of the Northern Territories and playing in Alberta’s Rocky Mountains with my family. When I turned 13 I wanted to branch out and begin having adventures on my own. That summer I arrived at Northwaters as a shy, but adventurous young person. In the 6 years I’ve spent with Northwaters I have found strength, confidence, and courage in myself as well as the ability to recognize and honour those traits in others. I have made my closest friends through NWL and am lucky to share my life exploring the wilderness with them. I am passionate about the lessons that Northwaters teaches and the values that our programming instills in youth. I believe that everything you need to know in life can be learned on a canoe trip and am honoured to be a part of such a valuable and vital organization.

When the sun sets on summer, I study at University of Alberta pursuing a BSc Specialization in Animal/Wildlife Biology. I can also be found hiking and climbing in the Rocky Mountains where so much beauty lies.