Violet Perry Trip Leader

Hello all! I am twenty-one years old, and I hail from Buffalo, New York. I first started at Northwaters in the summer of 2011 with an all-women’s trip down the Makobe River at age fifteen. I embarked on more trips in subsequent summers with NWL, including a thirty-five day leadership training trip. Northwaters became like a home for me. The trips I went on provided me with such a sense of empowerment and an incredible strength that I had never before experienced. It gave me what I needed to accomplish most things I put my mind to in school and in my personal life, which was very important to me growing up. I met most of my closest friends on those trips and I am so lucky to be able to work with those same people now to provide wonderful experiences to other young women and men. Northwaters is one of the happiest, generally beautiful, and splendidly supportive environments I have had the privilege of experiencing! I am studying Outdoor Adventure Leadership and Psychology at Ithaca College in New York, and I hope to go into wilderness therapy as a career. Canoe tripping is definitely one of my greatest passions and I look forward to being able to share it and pass that love and enjoyment on to others.