Northwaters & Langskib Summer 2009

October 22, 2009

Returning to base after paddling the Harricanaw river and crossing the James Bay

Returning to base after paddling the Harricanaw River and crossing the James Bay

Hopefully, you will interpret the fact that we have managed to go the whole summer without blogging as a testament to our belief that summer is the time for many things, none of which can be done indoors. I’ll start out with something short here, so as not to risk injury to either of my blogging  fingers.

We are pleased to report the season was a success; Everyone is home safe. We enjoyed strong enrollment despite the economic malaise. While the weather was not great, it was not as rainy as areas farther South and water levels were good to excellent, even on smaller rivers, throughout the season. The month of September was absolutely gorgeous and school groups enjoyed near perfect conditions, the best in many years. The water and air were still warm enough for us to enjoy a swim September 28th, our final day of program for the year.

We have many great pictures and stories to share. From the early crew renovating buildings at Langskib, staff training with Michael Thompson, PH.D. noted child psychologist and author of Raising Cain, Protecting the Emotional Lives of Boys; two Leadership Programs on the Hayes River,  our first Annual NWL Alumni Staff weekend and Deep AGM and the mysterious case of the disappearing canoe.

We hope you are enjoying Autumn and getting out wherever you are.


C.G. & Jodi

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