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Dear Parents:

With Spring in full swing here in the Northeast, our sights are firmly set on the summer ahead!
Our team of Program Directors will gather at our ‘off season’ headquarters later this month to
plan (and launch) our 52nd season of operation at Northwaters and Langskib! We are thrilled.

Last summer our resolve to run programs ‘no matter what’ was a direct result of watching
young people navigate their pandemic worlds with small achievements and joy tempered by
setbacks, anxiety, and frustration. Remote learning, masked classrooms, quarantines,
cancellations, disappointments, and distancing combined to present as the ‘new normal’. A
weariness had set in that is not the result of a typical ‘day in the life’ of an adolescent. It is a
weariness that came from an inability to be fully connected and involved in their communities.

Reconnecting them with each other and the natural world in both Temagami and the Boundary
Waters last summer was like watching candles being dipped and formed. Every collective and
individual experience they had on trail—the challenges and the triumphs—forming another
layer of wax, strengthening their resilience, protecting their core, and allowing their lights to
shine brighter and stronger.

For many, this past school year has proved just as difficult as the year before. Without a doubt,
this generation of young people need to feel connected to their communities more than ever.
But beyond that, they need to build more layers of resilience and strength by feeling connected
to one another and their authentic selves in a spirit that honours awareness, balance, and trust.

Close to 100% of our staff and trip leaders from 2021 will be returning to Temagami this
summer. This is an incredible team of humans who have all come through our programs at
NWL and weathered their own pandemic worlds at college, university and beyond with
fortitude, endurance, and grace. We are so fortunate to have such skilled and dedicated
individuals working with your children (and ours).

Enrollment this year is very strong. Some programs have already reached capacity and others
are filling up quickly. If you know of a young person in your community who could benefit
from an experience at NWL, direct them our way so we can save them a space.
We wish you and your family good health, warmth and light as we move through these next
few months towards what promises to be an incredible summer at Northwaters & Langskib.

Teeth to the Wind!
Jodi and CG