Our Facilities

Our canoe trips, which take place in the beautiful Temagami Wilderness and surrounding scenic rivers, are run out of our two beautiful islands on Lake Temagami. In base camp, each participant shares a cabin with several friends, enjoys healthy, hearty, home-cooked meals and experiences a warm family camp atmosphere—both before heading out on the trail and again when the canoe trip returns.

Northwaters Base camp

Northwaters base camp is located on the western point of a picturesque wooded island at the centre of Lake Temagami. The facility has two gently sloping sand beaches and colourful meadows that bloom with Indian paintbrush, daisies and lupine throughout the summer.

The dining hall, large and rustic, is the hub of camp activity. Surrounding the meadow are cabins, workshops, an infirmary, a map room, and many central meeting areas. An outside brick oven is used for baking homemade bread and pizza.

The outfitting building at water’s edge is an excellent setting to outfit and prepare for our wilderness canoe trips. Our “L” shaped dock provides space to load canoes and is a wonderful place to welcome home returning trips. It also serves as the departure point for the floatplane loaded with reprovisions for our sections in backwater canoeing areas.

A wooded footpath through giant cedars, birch and hemlock leads to spectacular views and group initiatives.

Langskib Base camp

Langskib’s canoe tripping base camp is located on the cliff side of a rugged island approximately thirty kilometers by float plane from the village of Temagami in northern Ontario, Canada. Cabins are rustic and nestled among the towering pine and cedar trees. The historic camp dining hall, with its massive stone hearth and picture windows overlooking beautiful Sharprock Inlet and Maple Mountain, provides a perfect backdrop for boys to share home-cooked meals, stories of the trail and a picturesque view of the wild Temagami region. Our traditional longhouse, nestled near the fire circle among the cabins, is the ideal meeting place for small groups and the camp community as a whole.

A footpath snakes around the island through our ancient forest to our team building course, providing endless opportunities to play, learn and explore the wilderness.

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