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We love hearing about what our alumni have been up to and their unique successes. Here is a glimpse into the amazing lives of Northwaters & Langskib alumni (drum roll, please):

Danny Amidlak is busy with three jobs and two daughters in Inukjuak, QC hoping to make his way down to Temagami for a visit soon.

Maggie Ballantyne along with her husband Ed and son Owen are living in Toronto, ON

Kristoff Balling and Augusta Schaffer welcomed baby Roland into the world last May. The happy family is living in Peterborough, ON

Lisa Bjorkman is in Germany and soon to be back in India starting research for a new book.

John Bowie and Deshka Foster are engaged and working hard to finish up school. They are back and forth between White Plain’s NY and Philadelphia juggling school, dogs and life in general.

Blake Caplan and his wife Ashley celebrated the birth of their daughter Sydney last fall. She joins older brother Devon and dogs; Cowboy Steve and Ellie at home in Bryn Mawr, PA.

Colby Dennison and his wife Jamie are living in New York, NY. They were married this past fall along the Hudson River—providing an excellent opportunity to celebrate their marriage and reunite a generation (and then some) of NWL staff.

Stephanie Edwards is living and working in Mexico City, Mexico

Jon Ehrenfeld and his wife Emily are also living in Seattle, WA. They have a baby girl on the way.

Josh Feuer is living in Brooklyn, NY with his wife Jessica and their baby, Sam.

Antoinette (Nettsy) Finelli bought a house in Hamilton, ON where she teaches and inspires all ages in the healing benefits and joys of yoga arts and thai massage.

Gerry Gebhart and his wife Kari are living and working in Media, PA

Kevin Graham is living and working in Brooklyn NY with his partner Hayley.

Lukas Hagen is excited to be graduating this May and returning to Temagami this summer to lead trips.

Dan Torres along with wife Lupita, children Michael, Natalia, Julian and Alexa are loving life in the deep south of Texas (McAllen). He is looking forward to a trip this summer along the Gaspe Peninsula in Quebec.

Justin Howell, his wife Anna and their two sons; Swift & Ewan are living in Seattle, WA. Busy with work, little ones and amazing playground that is the Pacific Northwest!

Alex Hurwitz and his wife Abby live in Providence, RI with their 6 month old son, Eli and greyhound Bo.

Rob Jussup and his wife Katie are living in Ottawa, ON and busy with their toddler, Hudson.

Dr. Jascha Kehr is living in New Zealand and working at a children’s hospital in Auckland. He is returning to Germany (along with his partner Jenna) this summer to finish up his specialist exams.

Erik & Stephanie Knudson are presently in Ecuador with their children Lucy and Lyle.

Kim Lenny is in her 2nd year at UVic majoring in creative writing and anthropology.

Shelby Leslie is living in Vancouver with his partner Dawn Brinkman planting gardens and trees and generally making the world a better place.

Pete Luellen is loving life and living in New Mexico

Caeli May Lynch and husband Aaron Young welcomed their daughter Mariah into the world in mid-January. They were all in Temagami this past summer (one in utero) welcoming a section of incredible young men and women from the Santa Monica Boys and Girls club back to basecamp after a 10 day trip in Temagami. Aaron, Caeli and Mariah live in Santa Monica, CA.

Sarah MacDougal is living in Melbourne, Australia with her partner, Paul Maz. She is loving life and enjoying everything the Land Down Under has to offer.

Michael Madden is doing well, traveling the world and living in Media, PA. He returns to Temagami each summer to run canoe trips for adults.

Anne Grace Martin is finishing up her last year of undergrad at UT Austin. She’s planning on moving to NYC this summer for work.

Chloe Mathews is living in Lyons, CO. She’s struggling with her health but committed to seeing the beauty in all things.

Alex Mishkin is at St. Lawrence University, enjoying life and studying Neuroscience.

Robin Newman is living large in NYC.

Raurie (O’Brien) and Jake (Merkin) Birch were married in the summer of 2012. They are now living in Brooklyn, NY with their dog Duck.

Sam Obetz and Lucy (Corwin) Obetz are married and living in Port Townsend, WA. They are both advancing their careers in the realm of health and wellness while exploring the magical land of the Pacific Northwest.

Liv Pedersen recently moved to NYC. She’s adjusting to life on the east coast and working as an Art Director for a small ad agency.

Nadia Pelletier-Levine is living in Haileybury, ON with her daughters Kristy and Jesse (both of whom participated in Northern Lights last summer!) and partner Dave Walsh. Their lives are full with work, school, outdoor pursuits, travel and community.

Steven Quigley is well but recovering from an accident that left him paralyzed in 2011. He is working hard to regain his strength and remain positive at every turn. He lives in Cherry Hill, NJ.

Win Rodgers is living in Washington, DC and working at American University as the Program Coordinator for the Center of Peacebuilding and Develeopment.

Jacquie Rodman recently moved to Jacksonville, FL after 17 years on the west coast. She and her husband Andrew along with daughter Evelyn are happily homeschooling, working and planting roots on the east coast.

Sarah and Brad Sablosky welcomed their daughter Brynn to the world this fall. They are living in Durango, CO.

Ben Schireson is living and working in New York, NY.

Eric Shaub is living in Fort Collins, CO with his wife Ellen and daughters Susannah and Katherine.

Christian Sheaffer and his wife Lisa are living in Raleigh, NC along with their children Caroline, Lucy Anna, Hudson and JB.

Blake Shester along with his wife Katie and their two children Graham and Margaret are living in the Shenandoah Valley (having recently moved from Nashville).

Alex Skinner is cozied up in her new condo just a block away from her work at a Library in Oak Park, IL.

Judith Smith and Marc Torey are living in San Jose, CA. They are busy with work, running marathons, biking, hiking and being as awesome as ever.

Jon Stang and his wife Beth just welcomed their first baby into the world; Margaret Mae “Daisy” Stang. The happy family is living in Hendersonville, NC.

Jacob Struzik is in Edmonton, AB gearing up to do his Masters in Jazz Studies after he graduates in 2015.

Matt Tanz and his wife Louise are living and working in Sweden.

Tom Thornton continues his career at Oxford University and living in England with his wife Tia and three children Mariah, Liam, Roan.

Jacob Torrey is using Denver, CO as a springboard for work and adventure. He recently returned home from a trip to the Himalayas.

Laura Turley is living in Valais, Switzerland with her fiance Bertrand Vaudan.

Thalia Vallencourt and husband Jay Lininger are living in Ashland, OR.

Estair Van Wagner, her husband Kevin and their son Henry were recently in Australia for 6 months while Estair did research for her PhD. They are back in Toronto, ON now, but hoping to return to Australia again in the near future.

Miriam Walden and husband Phllip are living in Long Island City, NY. They are expecting their first child in June!

John Winskill is living in Washington, DC. He recently returned from a trip to Peru with Jimmy Galloway. He may also be travelling in Ethiopia, Istanbul or Eritrea at this very moment.

Chris Wolf is living in Baltimore, MD, travelling and adventuring abroad with his partner Roxanne and generally “gaining some hands-on experience before we start our own agricultural endeavors”.

Brian Yellen and his wife Marcie Muehlke are living in Amherst, MA. They just welcomed daughter Eleanor (“Nelle”) to the world.