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June 2021

Northwaters and Langskib will be operating this summer! We have adjusted our 1st session program dates in Temagami to align with Ontario’s Roadmap to Reopening and Covid guidelines from the OCA and our local health unit. Canadian participants will join us at our Temagami basecamps for 1st session programs and US/International participants will join us at our partner basecamp (on the shores of Lake Superior) to run trips in the Quetico – Boundary Water region. By 2nd session (July 23rd) we are anticipating all participants being able to join us in Temagami! Check out our dates and rates page if you are interested in joining us!

Plan to…

  • Practice ‘low risk’ behaviour (at least) one week prior to attending camp.  This means avoiding any high exposure situations where Covid may still be a risk—being indoors without masks or social distancing, in public places with large groups and/or strangers, travel outside your bubble etc.
  • Have your child(ren) tested for Covid before arrival. A negative PCR test result within 3 days before their session start date will likely be required to come to camp. Your child(ren) will likely be tested a few days after their arrival at basecamp as well.
  • Have your child vaccinated if vaccinations are available to them in your home location.
  • Travel safely to our basecamps.  The safest option is to drive your camper to our rendezvous locations.  We understand this is not possible for everyone.  If participants need to fly (once travel restrictions are lifted) do your best to book direct flights to their destination.
  • Be in cohorts at camp. The trip group (section) is already a large part of the NWL experience but this will be more prominent in 2021. Members of a section will likely be able to live in relatively relaxed conditions when they are together, with additional restrictions in place in situations where they need to interact with others. Your child’s leaders will also be part of the section cohort to ensure limited mixing.
  • Pack some masks and hand sanitizer.
  • Increase your hygiene measures. We will be upping our hygiene protocols in camp and on trail. Some changes being made are additional handwashing stations are being built on-site as well as sanitizer stations for every cabin.