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Dates & Rates

2023 Dates & Rates

Langskib for Boys (ages 10-12)

July 3-July 16ages 10-122 weeks$3,100 CAD
July 29-August 11ages 10-122 weeks$3,100 CAD


Langskib for Boys & Young Men (ages 11-17)

June 28-July 21ages 11-173.5 weeks$5,650 CAD
July 24-August 16*ages 11-173.5 weeks$5,650 CAD

*wait list

Northern Lights for Girls (ages 11-14)

July 3-July 16ages 11-142 weeks$3,100 CAD
July 29-August 11*ages 11-142 weeks$3,100 CAD

*limited space available

Northwaters for Young Women (ages 12-17)

July 24-August 16ages 12-173.5 weeks$5,650 CAD


Northwaters All Gender/Coed (ages 13-17)

June 28-July 21ages 13-173.5 weeks$5,650 CAD
*July 8-August 11ages 18-225 weeks$7,050 CAD

*Leadership Program by Invitation

Special Programs for Groups & Schools

Please contact us for pricing for special programs for groups and schools, offered each spring and fall.


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