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Happy New Year!

We are full steam ahead here at our off-season headquarters in the Adirondacks!  Plans are well underway for our 54th season of operation!  Our 2022 season finished with our last school program ending early October.  We are thrilled to report the summer of 2022 was a resounding success. It was actually remarkable for its ‘un-remarkableness’. We had strong enrollment, people were generally able to travel to Temagami, we did not experience droughts, wildfires, fire bans or outbreaks of infectious disease, trips were mostly fiasco free, and everyone came home safe! All this good fortune made it possible for us to focus on providing young people with outstanding, personal growth experiences in the backcountry.

Last fall, we set aside several days to gather with program directors and administrators to plan NWL’s 2023 season. This work begins with a careful review of the past season. We collate and examine feedback from parents, participants and program staff. A BIG thank you to all those who took the time to share feedback with us–we are so grateful!  We comb through the many thoughtful suggestions and discuss what we’ve learned about the young people we serve and the changing world we all inhabit.  The work is at once humbling and inspiring. With a firm grasp on where we’ve been, we chart a course for the year ahead.

Enrolment for this summer is strong, with folks returning from last year and many signing on for the first time—we are already nearing 50% capacity in our open enrolment programs.  Although our ‘early enrolment gift offer’ of a custom NWL Adventure Duffle Bag by L.L. Bean ends on January 15th, there should be space in (most of) our programs up until late March.  Join us for a virtual open house on the first Thursdays and third Sundays of each month or reach out to schedule one for your family and friends to learn more about NWL.

With the Winter Solstice and Holiday season behind us, we are very excited to put all of the pieces in place to make the summer of 2023 our most successful yet.  We hope you and your family can be part of it!

Teeth to the Wind!

Jodi & CG