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The Burke Trip

The Burke A. O’Brien Memorial Fund and Deepwater Experiential Education Project funds a canoe tripping program each summer in partnership with Northwaters & Langskib Wilderness Programs. We are accepting applications through May 15th for the 2024 Burke Trip (July 8-21)

Burke was a longtime staff member and dedicated outdoor educator at Northwaters & Langskib. His work touched countless young people over the years, helping them to find inner strength, face challenges with courage, trust themselves and to see the joy in every day.

The Burke Trip is a two-week canoe adventure which incorporates the elements of each Northwaters & Langskib canoe trip—connection to the land, leadership, personal growth and community building adapted to work specifically with the group of young people that are identified and nominated to attend this program.

Applicants for the Burke trip are young men and women between the ages of 14-16 who have been identified as leaders in their own communities, or as having strong potential to become leaders. They should exhibit a strong desire to positively contribute to the program, as well as an intention to bring home the lessons of their experience to schools, families and communities.

For more information on this special program, to nominate an applicant please or support the Burke Endowment Fund, please visit the Deepwater Experiential Education Project website.

School and Outfitting Groups

Provide a incredible adventure for your school or community group (Learn More on our Schools Page)

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