Our Programs

Welcome to Northwaters and Langskib (NWL). From our two picturesque island summer camps in the heart of the Temagami Forest Reserve, NWL has developed a series of programs to meet the specific needs of young people at different stages of maturity and development. We offer separate canoe tripping programs for boys ages 10 to 17, coed youth ages 14 to 17 and all girls ages 11 to 17.

Small groups of six to ten young people (grouped according to age and individual needs) along with their trip leaders travel through some of the most rugged and remote areas of northern Ontario and Quebec learning about the land, each other and most importantly, about themselves. While our philosophy is the same in every program we run, and sections travel similar routes, each canoe trip that departs from base camp is unique.  The experience is about the individuals within the group and the community they create while on the trail.

We have worked for 40 years to build a strong, thoughtful community of directors and staff, participants, parents and alumni. Together we have created unique programs which have won international recognition for experiential learning and the development of young leaders. We invite you to explore the links for specific program information and encourage you to contact us as the first steps in the adventure of a lifetime.

Northern Lights, 2 week program for girls 11-14 learn more »
Northwaters All Girls, 3 ½ week program for girls 12-17 learn more »
Northwaters Coed, 3 ½ week program for teens ages 14-17 learn more »
Excalibur, 2 week program for boys 10-12 learn more »
Langskib, 3 ½ week program for young men ages 10-17 learn more »