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My daughter arrived home this morning and she is positively on cloud nine.  This was such a great experience for her.  Each year she feels stronger and more confident.  It is a feeling I hope she can hold on to throughout the year. I just wanted to thank you, her leaders and your staff.   She loved Laura and Lucy, her leaders.  She has wonderful stories about their capable and caring leadership.  Also, your staff at the airport was so supportive and helpful when the flights were canceled.  Matt, in particular, was very gracious in dealing with my concerned phone calls.

I picked up my daughter from London Heathrow airport last Tuesday – she’d spent 2 weeks after the Bay trip with her Dad and sisters in Wisconsin.  I want to thank you so much for once again enabling her to have a fantastic and life-enhancing experience (even including the black fly bites!).  And also to again thank Deepwater for making it possible financially.  She seems full of life and clearly her love for her fellow trippers and her leaders is profound.  Her summers with Northwaters have run like a thread through her teenage years, connecting her to the outdoors, the wild world, to adventure and to that strong and doughty side of herself she would certainly not have found in her life at home.  Each trip has brought it’s particular new notch of awareness and this time she used the word ‘spiritual’ for the first time.

My son has absolutely loved his experiences at Langskib. He talks about it all the time. He’s always planning for his next adventure there. Thank you so much for providing him with such amazing experiences.

My daughter has returned home and is full of great stories of her adventures and is very much looking forward to returning next year. Thank you for taking such great care of her. The only things she says she didn’t like about the trip was the spider in the thunder box and the mosquitoes!! And when we were waiting for her baggage at baggage claim at SFO, she proudly stated that SHE could carry her own bag because it was WAY lighter than what she was used to carrying!  🙂 Soooo cute! Thanks so much!!

Thanks for providing such an amazing experience for all of my children (my 7 year old Nicholas is counting the summers until he can attend). And thank you the BBQ and celebration we were able to attend – it wasn’t just awesome, but my husband and I were both filled with awe. As he mentioned on the way back, those kids were patterning for us, and certainly giving them words and actions that have never been a part of their life.

Just wanted to thank you for all of your correspondence and let you know that my daughter had a wonderful time. We have had several lovely chats about her trip and she thinks you both are such wonderful people. She also repeatedly felt a sense of community and family throughout her stay.

I wanted to thank you again for the special pick up for our son.  He said that on the second morning of his trip he asked to go home, he still felt that sick.  Once he felt better he was so very glad he stayed.  He had the most wonderful time, really enjoyed all the challenges, making new friends, and was very proud of his achievements.  He came back to us on a real high. So thank you for a great camp experience and hopefully he will be able to participate on one of your trips next year.  He is already looking forward to it.

Although it has been weeks since we have been at Northwaters, we still think of and talk about that beautiful place every day. When we arrived in Temagami, we were caught off-guard by the staggering beauty of the lake and the incomparable strength of the young women at base camp. The sensory experience of seeing the camp, hearing the experiences and stories, feeling the power, strength and self-confidence radiate from the young women in our daughters group, and tasting not only the wonderful food, but the atmosphere of the camp was almost overwhelming. I found myself having to leave the camp and go look out on the lake and compose myself. My husband felt the same way. We never knew the extent of the power of the experience that our daughter has had each year. Stories tell only part of the adventure-the rest has to be seen and experienced. Although we were only at Temagami for a short time, it had left a lasting impression. We will be back for a longer visit to fully appreciate what the lake has to offer and to enjoy what our daughter has come to believe as her sanctuary from her ‘regular’ life. Each year, you thank us for entrusting our daughters to you. It is our turn to thank you for offering this demanding and unique experience that makes each girl dig deep within themselves and begin to appreciate the depth of spirit and strength that they possess.

Recently, my son was asked by his teachers if he would share with his classmates about his trip. He did this wholeheartedly and what amazement it brought to everyone! He has been so satisfied with his trip and we have loved hearing him tell about it. We REALLY loved coming to the barbeque and meeting all of you. What a wonderful and beautiful place! I am so glad that our son has had the opportunity to be there. Thank you so much for all that you do, it is such a precious deed.

Our son had an amazing time with your group — he is so inspired. Thanks for all that you provide and do.