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2021 Dates & Rates

Space still available in most programs!

First session trips are running in Quetico-Boundary Waters for US & International Participants

Quetico-Boundary Waters
In order to accommodate our US participants and families during first session this summer, we will be running some of our first session canoe trips in the incredible Quetico-Boundary Waters region of Southwestern Ontario and Northeastern Minnesota.  From our partner facility along the shores of Lake Superior, we will run the same welcoming, intentional programming at the start and end of each session – along with a 19 day, or 10 day canoe trip with heart and meaning. Sections of 7 participants along with 2 of our trip leaders will travel through the Boundary Waters– learning from the land and one another in a spirit that honors balance and trust.  We are thrilled to be sharing this magical, one-million-acre wilderness area (remarkably similar to our home base in the Temagami Region) with our community this summer! Reach out with questions!

Langskib for Boys & Young Men 3.5-weeks: Boundary Waters (ages 11-17)

June 27-July 20ages 11-173.5 weeks$4,600

Langskib for Boys 2-Weeks: Boundary Waters (ages 10-12)

July 1-July 15ages 10-122 weeks$2,500


Northern Lights for Girls: Boundary Waters (ages 11-14)

July 1-July 15ages 11-142 weeks$2,500


Northwaters Coed/All Gender: Boundary Waters (ages 13-17)

June 27-July 20ages 13-173.5 weeks$4,600


Temagami, Ontario
By second session program dates, we anticipate restrictions will be relaxed enough that we can welcome our US and International campers back to our basecamps in Temagami!

Langskib for Boys & Young Men 3.5-weeks: Temagami (ages 11-17)

July 23-August 15ages 11-173.5 weeks$4,600

Langskib for Boys 2-Weeks: Temagami (ages 10-12)

July 27-August 10ages 10-122 weeks$2,500

Northern Lights for Girls: Temagami (ages 11-14)

July 27-August 10ages 11-142 weeks$2,500


Northwaters for Young Women: Temagami (ages 12-17)

July 23-August 15ages 12-173.5 weeks$4,600


Special Programs for Groups & Schools

Please contact us for pricing for special programs for groups and schools.

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