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what you need to know Below you will find resources to prepare for your child’s upcoming canoe trip.

Confirmation packets have loads of helpful information on program specifics and include and an equipment list and “typical” travel details . Until we receive formal 2021 guidance from Ontario, we are asking that families hold-off on making travel plans or completing Health Forms.

Confirmation Packages

Once you have enrolled your child in one of our canoe camps you will receive a confirmation packet by email. If you misplace your confirmation package or require an additional copy you can download our “traditional” information below. Once we receive more formal guidance from the province, current families will receive our up-to-date 2021 confirmation packets via email.

Other Useful Links

Northwaters & Langskib is committed to the principles of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA). As such, upon request we can provide an accessible format of out “NWL Accessibility Policies” and any other form as well to ensure that we can accommodate anyone who may need an accommodation.

Ripples on the water

“Thank you again for all your help, first with the scholarship process, and then for reaching out to E after she arrived at base camp. She ended up having a great experience, after those first pre-trip tears and sleepless nights. She often brings up parts of the trip during our day-to-day conversations, and I can tell it means a lot to her.”

- Kellie F Northern Lights Parent

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