Leadership Program Coed (all gender)

4.5 weeks, Ages 17-19

OVERVIEW Developing the fundamentals to lead a backcountry canoe trip

The Northwaters Leadership Program was designed to ensure the high quality and standards of our canoe tripping programs in the future—both within our organization and throughout the field of adventure based education. This course combines Northwaters’ emphasis on group work and personal growth with the fundamentals of leading a whitewater canoe trip.

Working in a supportive and encouraging environment, participants have the opportunity to experiment with their own leadership styles, share their knowledge and learn new skills related to leading wilderness expeditions.

Course topics include

  • advanced map & compass
  • environmental ethics
  • advanced whitewater paddling
  • whitewater rescue
  • teaching techniques
  • group development
  • conflict resolution

Each year this trip is run on an advanced northern river and is open only to those who have completed our James Bay Trip or have equivalent whitewater/backcountry experience. If you feel like this program and curriculum would be right for you, please call or email us.

In the past this trip has been run on the Albany, Noire, Moisie, North Knife, Seal, Great Whale, Rupert, Winisk, and Hayes rivers.

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