Trip leader at front of canoe waving earth flag

Why Northwaters & Langskib?

we believe in Connection to the Land, Water and Sky. Simplicity. Community. Balance.

More than ever before in our culture and society, young people need the opportunity to find and experience these things. At Northwaters and Langskib (NWL) we believe it is essential to their journey into adulthood.

We believe that When a young person steps off the pavement...

…and into the natural world, they move toward a deeper understanding of themselves. Journeying on the land and water with a group of peers, they are able to peel off the layers of societal norms and expectations and literally disconnect from the demanding world of technology and social media. They learn how to live simply, be resourceful, and work hard.

Guided by mentors extensively trained in group dynamics, NWL participants learn to be themselves without the boundaries of judgment and self-doubt. They learn to communicate effectively—person to person and community member to community. They risk, challenge, and overcome— individually and as a group. They realize what they are capable of and what their gifts are. Perhaps most importantly, they balance out their busy, saturated lives back home with simple living, a little hard work, adventure, and fun.

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