For Schools

Every summer We plan and provide backcountry canoe programs for groups from schools, universities, youth and community organizations from Canada and the United States.

While each of these programs are different, designed to meet the needs and goals of each unique group, they share the common thread of backcountry canoe tripping with an emphasis on group process and self-discovery. Options range from a 5-day trip on Lake Temagami to a 5-week adventure in the subarctic.

We provide complete packages including transportation, terrific food, group equipment and experienced backcountry guides.

Please contact us to discuss possibilities, obtain a proposal, or schedule a presentation for your school/organization.

Over the last 20 years we have run backcountry canoe camps with many Waldorf Schools, Private Schools, High Schools and Universities including:

We also offer year round programming for schools, which we tailor to the specific needs of each schools’ curriculum and students. This includes teaching outdoor skills throughout the school year, with culminating expeditions that give students a chance to apply what they have learned. More information as well as a sample curriculum for a Grade 7 & 8 class can be viewed here.

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